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Field Services

Wrights Tree Service - Tree Maintanence

Tree Maintenance


Wright’s Installation Service provides on-site consultation/planning, high quality nursery stock, and arborist approved planting procedures.


Wright’s Pruning Services provide proper industry standard pruning for shade trees, ornamental trees, and other landscape plants in order to maintain plat health, property aesthetics, safe clearance from buildings (wires and roof tops, etc.), and to reduce/minimize the risk of storm damage.


Storm Damage

Wright’s Storm Damage Service rapidly expedites the removal of damaged limbs to mediate the tree's structural appearance and assist in property cleanup.  Utilizing our years of experience, our knowledgeable arborists perform a risk assessment and consult for suitable remedy or removal.


Cabling & Bracing

Wright’s Cabling and Bracing Service provide support for a tree that has weak branch structure, weak structural unions, or deficiencies caused by improper pruning in the past.


Stump Grinding

Wright’s Stump Grinding Service provides a professional means of alleviating the unsightly remainder of a removed tree. As part of our Stump Grinding Service, Wright’s professional arborists aim to remove the trunk down to 6-8 inches below ground level.  This enhanced effort allows the property owner the maximum potential of the area’s use for other landscaping purposes.


Chip Hauling/Site Restoration

Wright’s Site Restoration Service provides post stump grinding chip hauling, top soil back fill, and
seed/sod finishing.


Firewood Sales

We sell quality seasoned hardwood, cut to 18-22 inches in length, which can either be picked up at our lot or delivered (even stacked) at your property.



Wrights Tree Service - Plant Healthcare

Plant Healthcare


Wright’s Consultation Service provides thoughtful advice for your commercial and residential tree needs by leveraging industry training and experience that surpasses 175 years of cumulative arboriculture knowledge.

Commercial Tree Management

Wright’s Commercial Tree Management Service offers commercial property owners all of Wright’s Field Services in order to create a seamless and well integrated total tree care portfolio.


Wright’s Fertilization Service provides the proper nutrients based upon soil conditions, site conditions, and plant requirements to keep your plants as healthy as possible. Organic soil conditioners and other macro/micro nutrients are added to our fertilizers to meet the special needs of plants, to correct nutrient deficiencies, and/or to amend other challenges found in urban landscapes.


Insect & Disease

Wright’s Insect and Disease Management Service ensures that common insect/pests and diseases are kept in check on your landscape plants. We provide an Individualized Plant Health Care Program (IPHP) specifically designed for your property to promote plant health, to reduce the chemical impact on the environment, and to assist in responsible property stewardship.



Wright’s Diagnostics Service determines what treatments are needed to keep your plants/trees as healthy as possible. Each program we provide for our clients
are personalized for 
the needs of 
their property.

Growth Regulation

Description to come.


Wrights Tree Service - Insect & Disease Diagnosis
Wrights Tree Service - For Over 67 Years
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