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A Heritage of Excellence


What forms of payment does Wright’s Tree Service accept?

Wright’s Tree Service gladly accepts payment in the form of personal or corporate check, Visa/MasterCard, and Discover.  Discounts are available for pre-payment.  Alternative payment options may be available; these forms of payment will be evaluated on a per job/per client bases.


Are trim services available all year around?

Yes. Wright’s Tree Service, because of our high quality employees and state of the art equipment, is available to trim/prune/remove throughout the entire year.


How many Certified/full-time Arborist does Wright’s Tree Service have on staff?

At Wright’s Tree Service, there are six current Certified/Full-Time Arborists on staff.


Is Wright’s Tree Service fully insured and in compliance with the guidelines of Worker’s Compensation?

Yes. Wright’s Tree Service prides itself on being the best in the industry; that means being compliant with all ‘best practices’ in running a quality company.  Wright’s Tree Service is fully insured and is covered under all Workers’ Compensation requirements.


How does Wright’s Tree Service schedule work?

Wright’s Tree Service is comprised of two cooperative entities; Tree Structure Management and Plant Health Care. Jobs ordered through Tree Structure Management are scheduled based on date of order/approval. There are some extenuating factors that can be taken into consideration when Tree Structure Management is scheduling jobs; pending emergency needs/storm damage work, requests of clients to be on-site on the day of the job (this scheduling alignment can be challenging for Tree Structure Management personnel), and the area of job location (if a Tree Structure Management team is already in an area where work is scheduled, other work in that same area might be able to be completed sooner).


Plant Health Care at Wright’s Tree Service schedules work based on a number of factors, some of which are: work area location, life-cycles of bugs and/or diseases infecting/infesting woody plant-life, and the expert guidance of two of the most experienced Arborist in Central Ohio.


All work conducted by Wright’s Tree Service, ordered and approved, is scheduled under the initial assumption that the property owner(s) does not need to be present in order for the job to be completed.

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